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We specialise in these areas of IT Support in Melbourne:

Accounting IT Support 

We support and specialise in Accounting based SME businesses over the Melbourne Metro area. Release that IT burden from yourself and let us handle that side of the business for you. Arrange for a free IT Assessment of your Business Network and Gateway Security to internet. Experienced in MYOB, Reckon, Sage HandiSoft, SAP and more.

Medical Centre IT Support 

We support and specialise in Medical Centre IT Services over the Melbourne Metro area. Focusing on Best Practice Software and Medtech. Confidentially, Trust and reliability are the words that come to mind when you talk Health Care IT Support in Melbourne provided my Mecca Computer Consulting.

Architect IT Support 

We support and specialise in Architect based SME businesses over the Melbourne Metro area. Now such a Tech based job you want to make sure that you are making better hardware and software decisions for the business to help your studio and office efficiently process work flow with successful and positive outcomes. We can make that happen with a successful plan to rollout these important IT Strategies for your Architect Studio.

Construction Industry IT Support 

We support and specialise in Construction Industry SME businesses over the Melbourne Metro area. There are a multitude of businesses within this field. Engineers, Master Builders, Electricians, Plumbers, Plasterers, Carpenters, Land Surveyors. Remote Mobility take the office with you onsite with the power ON Button. We can help you make this a reality for you. Look at those plans in seconds…. NO more big tubes of paper…. Just on tap of the finger.

Point of Sale IT Support 

We specialise in Point of Sale IT Support over the Melbourne Metro area. Our focus is mainly on hospitality & department stores but not limited to them. Take-away (FAST FOOD) RMS, Touch Screen and ALL POS Hardware implementation are no problems from the software or the hardware we cover all of it. Thermal receipt printers, barcode scanners, stock labels, and despatch labels for warehouse applications and freight management. If these parts of your business are working efficiently then you are making success easy. Call us we have years of experience.

Network Support Melbourne

Your business computer network is critical to be up and running in an optimal state. Anything other could pose a great threat to productivity and loss of revenue. Networks can appear to be running efficiently but without constant monitoring with the correct tools little problems can escalate and can cause network errors, server bottlenecks and even loss of connectivity.

Network Support Melbourne

IT Support Melbourne

  • Computer Repairs and Server Maintenance
  • Laptop Repairs
  • IT Hardware and Software Procurement
  • Laptop Repairs - Notebook Repairs
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions
  • Network Support design and installation
  • Data Recovery
  • Firewalls, Internet Security and  Antivirus 
  • Software IT Support 
  • Domain Name and Website Hosting
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • VMware, Hyper-V, Virtualization
  • SMB Server and LAN design
  • Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Android, DOS Support

Computer Repairs Melbourne

Computers like cars do breakdown and need a service from time to time. Most off us have had to work on a PC that you want to throw out the window because it runs so slow! Mecca Computer consulting will assist in optimizing your Computer or business network to make sure that you are getting the most out of your technology. IT Support and network maintenance are essential in todays technological world to make sure that your business runs efficently and is sucured from the threats online.

Data RecoveryComputer Repairs Melbourne